Frequently Asked Questions

What is Property Appraisal?

A property appraisal is a process of property valuation where the experts evaluate the condition of the property, its location, marketability, and submits a report to the prospective buyer. In the process, experts take care of a few correlated legal provisions too.

Who can do my property Appraisal?

In property appraisal, the scope of work is vast and requires superior knowledge in many areas. It is highly advisable to get in touch with a panel of property experts who can guide you on every possible aspect of property appraisal. 

How many days does it take in the Property Appraisal process?

It depends on the type and dimension of any specific property. Generally, experts submit the primary report to the clients with a couple of weeks.

Can Property Appraisal guide me in the valuation?

Definitely! One of the major applications of property appraisal is to guide the buyer about the valuation and marketability of the site.

I have a 10-years old property and am willing to sell it out. How can Property Appraisal help me out?

A well-structured property appraisal report always covers the complete valuation and future estimation of the location and the buildups. Here, the property owners can get a clear picture of the valuation from the property appraisal process.

I need financial supervision for purchasing a commercial property. How would I get that?

In IBS Appraisals, we provide a specific commercial appraisal service where you will get readily available guidance from expert accountants and market leaders.